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Are Cellphones Bad for Your Health?

Throughout the years, technology has begun to make changes in our world that make our lives much easier with these new technological inventions. With that being said, it is no brainer that technology has impacted our way of life. And without technology, it would be, no doubt, a lot harder to do certain tasks. 

We bring our phones everywhere we go. Whether it may be to school, work, malls, on your bed, and some even bring it inside the bathroom! So it would be safe to say that almost everyone needs their phone to be with them at all times. 

How Can Your Phones Affect Your Health?

Germs and Bacteria

Since we bring our phones everywhere we go, germs and bacteria also follow along. These germs and bacteria such as E. coli can harbor on your phone, especially if you don’t disinfect your phone frequently. 

E. coli and other germs that can stick on your phone when you place it anywhere can make you sick. So, remember to disinfect your phone at the end of the day with an alcohol pad to remove any germ, dust, and dirt that may have stuck itself on your phone throughout the day.

Blue Light 

Blue light with a shorter wavelength, such as that produced by smartphones, lamps, computers, tablets, and TVs, is harmful to one’s health. Circadian rhythms are disrupted by exposure to this wavelength of light. 

After the sun goes down, exposure to blue light disrupts sleep. Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other health problems may be exacerbated by blue light. By dark, limit your exposure to unneeded light, such as smartphone screens. 

Getting plenty of natural sunlight every day will also help you sleep better.

Eye Strain

Due to the blue light of your phones and other gadgets, it may also cause eye strain. Not only that, but this type of light can also be damaging to your corneas and may impact your vision and cause it to become blurry. If you experience pain, burning, and even headaches, try limiting your phone usage. This goes the same for your laptops, TVs, and other gadgets that emit a short-wavelength blue light.


Prolonged phone use has been linked to an increase in thumb arthritis symptoms. Tenderness and soreness near the base of the thumb are symptoms of this illness. It’s possible that clutching your phone and texting with your thumb will aggravate the pain. Degenerative, “wear-and-tear” arthritis has been the most frequent form of arthritis that damages the base of the thumb. Osteoarthritis is another name for this condition.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Cubital tunnel syndrome affects the ulnar nerve in the elbow, causing it to become compressed. The exterior of the hands, notably the ring and tiny fingers, become numb and tingly as a result of this. The forearm and elbow may also be inflamed. 

If you lean on your elbows whilst using your phone or bend your elbows while holding your phone to your ear, you may start to suffer from this condition.


Even though our phones are one of the greatest inventions mankind has made, there are still some drawbacks to using them. To prevent or at least lessen their negative effects, we should be aware that there are limitations when using them.