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Great Habits to Brighten Your Day

Starting the day with a positive vibe will help you get through the day much easier compared to when you start your day in a bad mood.

So, how can you start your day with a big smile? We will share a few habits you should try that could make your morning 100x better.

Say Thanks

Right when you wake up, say thank you or thanks to whatever being you believe in for waking you up and giving you another opportunity to live life. If you don’t believe in any being, even just saying thanks aloud is one great way of starting the day. 

Waking up and starting out your day is such a blessing so even just saying thank you to nothing or air will mean something. It shows that you are thankful that you get another chance to live out your life and do something you want to do. 

Start Fresh

Once you wake up, try to avoid checking your phone for notifications from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is one of the worst ways to start your day because the internet is full of  negative vibes and we want you to start your day with positivity. So instead of checking your phone, get up and do some yoga or your can even work out if you have enough time.

Doing any kind of physical activity will help increase your endorphin levels which is the happy hormone.

Make Your Bed

After doing a few of your physical activities, you can now make your bed and make it neat for when you get home. Making your bed will not only help make your day but will also help you end your day on a good note. Why? This is because when you come home from work, school, etc. you are tired and want to rest, your bed is ready for you to lie down on. 

Plus, making your bed makes your room look more neat and pretty to look at which will make your mood better.

Listen To Some Music

Music is food for the soul, so listening to happy vibed music is a great way to start the day. It increases brain activity and endorphin levels to keep you happy all throughout the day.

Give Yourself Some Time to Breathe

Before you finally start your day and get ready to go to work or school, give yourself some time to breathe and meditate even for just a few minutes. This will clear your head and give you a happy outlook on the day.

Open Your Curtains and Windows

Don’t forget to open your windows and curtains and let the sun seep in through your room and house. The sun, especially in the early mornings will help brighten your day and will improve your mood. Not to mention, the sun has a vitamin that will boost your energy level and enhance your mood.

Say Something Positive to Yourself

Looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself something positive will help you start the day in a good mood. Even just saying to yourself that you can get through the day will make you believe it. As they say “Fake it ‘till you make it” is a great motto to keep you motivated.


There are a lot of ways to help you brighten your day, but, it will always start with you. So, make these your habits and start your day positively everyday.