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Great Motivation Tips to Help Your Mental Health

During dire times, we find ourselves losing motivation. We struggle getting up in the morning, doing simple tasks, or doing work. However, this is all normal, we just have to find our motivation to start our day. Although finding a way to motivate yourself can be harder for some people, it’s not entirely impossible. So, what are great ways to motivate yourself every day?

Time Management

Always manage your time according to what you need to accomplish for the day. By setting up and properly managing your time, you get a lot more work done because you have allotted time for different tasks. For example, if you have a paper due the day after tomorrow, you must try to motivate yourself, manage your time, and try to do it today so that you’ll have extra time to do it tomorrow in case you don’t finish it today. Plus, if you finish it today, you’d have more time to do more tasks or relax tomorrow.

Set Your Goals 

Setting your goals will help you accomplish a lot more work. Why? This is because you have a clear objective that you want to accomplish. If you don’t have your goals set and defined, you’ll have a lot more trouble in finding the motivation to do it. 

Try separating your goals into sub-categories like set goals for the day, for tomorrow, for the next week, for the next months, etc. This will help you stay motivated to keep achieving your goals and feel much more accomplished.

Start Prioritizing

Just like setting up goals, you must break them down to what is much more important to do and finish first. By breaking down your bigger tasks and turning them into smaller ones will help you divide the work so that you won’t think that it is one big workload. Having many small tasks is a lot easier to do rather than one big task according to a few people. This is because having a big task will make you much more unmotivated because you’ll be too lazy to do it, however, if they are broken down to smaller tasks, then it will trick your mind that you don’t really have a big task.

An example of this is when you need to clean the house. Looking at it as a whole like “cleaning the whole house” seems such a big task, but if you break down the cleaning to smaller tasks, you’ll be much more motivated to do it. So you can start by washing the dishes, then take a short rest, then proceed to do the next chore.

Take Small Steps and Celebrate Little Accomplishments

Taking small steps is related to prioritizing. Taking small steps at a time will be less hard to do, especially with people who experience mental health disorders such as depression. So, by taking small steps in reaching your goal or finishing a task, as long as you finish it, then you should still be proud of yourself. 

As long as you’re able to finish what you need to do, no matter how small or big steps you take, it will still be an accomplishment.


Not everyone can have the same amount of motivation. Some experience physical and/or mental health issues which hinders them and become unmotivated. And admittedly, sometimes, it’s not easy to be motivated. However, with a few nudges, it is possible. So, do try the tips mentioned above to try and motivate yourself.