Influenza or the flu for short is a disease that can cause a number of complications for those who are infected. It can even be life threatening for certain individuals who have a weak immune system or have other disorders and diseases. So you need to be prepared to either prevent it from infecting you in the first place, or have the necessary know-how on how to beat it if you do catch it.

The Best Solutions To Dealing with The Flu

The new flu season started a few months ago. As the weather gets colder, the higher your chances of catching this disease. To help you avoid or minimize its impact on your day to day life, we’ve made a list of the things you can do.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water is an important part of life. We need a certain amount of it each day to function properly. But did you know that staying properly hydrated can help you keep the flu and other diseases away?

Proper hydration makes it easier for vitamins and minerals to reach vital organs which makes it harder for the flu to impact your body. Water also makes sure that your immune system can quickly and decisively respond to any pathogen entering your system.

Add More Citrus Fruits Into Your Diet

Citrus fruits are a fantastic addition to your diet for a number of reasons. Citrus fruits contain a concentrated amount of vitamin C that your body uses to boost your immune system. It also adds fibre into your diet which makes bowel movement easier which means that there will be fewer contaminants in your system. 

Regular Hand Washing is a Great Way To Keep Yourself Safe

One of the most common vectors of flu infection is by touching things an infected person has touched. These can be railings on a walkway, or the doorknob to a restroom. You can never know when someone infected has touched these so you have to stay vigilant and ensure that you wash your hands regularly. Hand washing is especially important before eating food.

Stay Away From Large Crowds

Large crowds should be something we should be avoiding if you want to avoid catching diseases. Large crowds tend to be compacted into a small area, which makes it easier for a bacteria or virus to jump between people. The air will often also be stagnant which means that they can linger and cause you to get sick.

Get Enough Vitamins and Minerals

We cannot stress how important it is to get the right vitamins and minerals in your system. These vitamins and minerals are responsible for a number of functions in your body. This includes your immune system that is responsible for keeping pathogens out of your body. Without these vitamins and minerals, your immune system could be weakened and you become more susceptible to becoming sick.

A great source of vitamins and minerals are the food that you eat each day. Look for healthy balanced meals rich in the vitamins and minerals you need. You also have the alternative of using vitamin supplements to fill in the gaps in your nutrition.

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