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Keeping Your Skin Healthy and How to Do It Properly

“Beauty comes from the inside, not the outside”, is what people say and indeed our insides are important, however, our skin is just as important for a number of reasons. Your skin is your first line of defense from any bacteria, diseases, etc. Not only is it your first line of defense, but it is also an alarm or indicator about your overall health.

Why is Our Skin Important?

Your skin is your protector and barrier from diseases and illnesses. How? It’s because the skin protects you from mechanical impacts and distress, temperature fluctuations, microorganisms, radiation, chemicals, and pollution. It also helps to indicate your overall health by giving clues. An example of this is that when your skin is turning yellow, it might indicate liver disease.

Your skin also contains nerve endings which allows you to sense whether an object would be too hot or sharp, allowing you to easily step back. Sweat glands and tiny blood vessels in your skin aid in body temperature regulation.

The skin has endless roles and purposes in your body, which is why you have to keep your skin healthy and protected for it to also protect you. We have listed a few simple ways for you to take care of your skin.

Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Skin

Avoid Direct Contact With Noon Time Sun

The sun is a daily part of our life that we often have to encounter. However, it can cause damage to the skin if you’re exposed to it’s rays for too long or at an inopportune time. Try to avoid the sun when it is at its peak because you might get a sunburn. Staying under the sun for a long period of time can even increase your risk of getting skin cancer. You also become more susceptible to age spots and wrinkles as the prolonged sun exposure can damage your skin.

Take Baths Regularly

By taking baths regularly, you remove any kind of bacteria that might have stuck with you during the day. Though, note that you should take warm baths – not hot because hot baths can strip your skin of their natural oil. Remember to also use gentle soap because strong soaps can also strip your skin of their oils. Lastly, treat your skin gently by pat drying once you’re done taking a bath so that some of the moisture will remain on your skin.

Manage Your Stress

Notice that before an important event, you could get breakouts? It is because stress is often linked to skin problems. Stress can increase sebum production which can block pores and would turn into pimples. Managing your stress levels can lead you to clearer and glowing skin.  

Exercise and Stretch

Have you noticed that missing out on exercise could cause your skin to become less vibrant? Well, this is because of how exercise can have a major impact on collagen production on your skin. Exercising helps promote collagen growth which helps your skin stay healthy.


Lastly, do not forget to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Moisturizers can be lotions or body oils that keep the top layer of skin cells hydrated and lock in moisture. Moisturizers include humectants, which draw moisture, occlusive agents, which keep moisture in the skin, and emollients, which smooth the spaces between skin cells. 


Your skin is your largest organ and is one of the easiest to get sick because it is our top layer of defense which means diseases hit your skin first before anything else. So, keeping your skin healthy should be a priority. With these simple ways, you can keep yourself and your skin healthy.