Accessibility Policy

We at Nature’s Blend are committed to giving all our customers the best experience on our website as possible. That includes our customers who have disabilities that may affect their ability to interact effectively with our website.

We provide the following features to help all our customers to navigate and interact with our website:

  • Full keyboard access for easy navigation
  • Text-to-speech compatibility with all pages on the website
  • A responsive website that adjusts to the size of a user’s screen, regardless of zoom level
  • Easy to read labels for all products and their associated pages. Zoom in is also available on the product page
  • Quick instructions on the website for keyboard navigation.

Software Recommendations:

We may provide a number of great accessibility options, however, not all of them may be able to cover your needs. In these situations we can highly recommend the following free software to assist you:

  • Google Chrome’s Screen Reader Extension found here
  • NVDA Screen Reader found here
  • Android’s built in TalkBack Screen Reader
  • and Apple’s built in VoiceOver Screen Reader

These tools and software are a great addition to enrich the experience that you have on our website!

If you’re having issues viewing or interacting with anything on the site, please get in touch using our online Contact Form, or give us a call at 800-682-9862. We only want the best for our customers, and we greatly appreciate all the feedback that you provide us!

If you have any questions about this Accessibility Policy, please contact us at 1 (800) 682-9862 or email