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Tips to Prevent Long-Term Damage to Your Skin

Your skin is your largest organ and is your first layer of defense against the world. Not to mention, your skin can also provide crucial information about your general health. So start taking care of your skin so that it can continue taking care of you.

Tips to Prevent Long-Term Skin Damage

Protect Your Skin from The Sun

The sun’s UV rays can cause many skin diseases and can cause premature aging. Try limiting your sun exposure by using caps, hats, and even umbrellas, especially if the sun is at its peak. Not protecting your skin from the sun may also cause sunspots, dark spots, and wrinkles in the long run. However, there are certain situations wherein you don’t have a choice but to stay under the sun. In that case, wear sunscreen. 

It is highly recommended by dermatologists to use sunscreen even if you stay at home and away from the sun. Use a sunscreen that is at least 30+ SPF and broad-spectrum everyday to reduce the sun damage to your skin. Also, if you can, don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every 2-4 hours for maximum effect.

Stay Hydrated

Water keeps not only your organs refreshed and replenished, but also your skin. Water is a very important element for your overall health and your skin’s look. This is because water helps keep your organs clean and when your insides are healthy and functioning properly, so will your skin. This is because what happens on the inside will be reflected on the outside. So, if you are experiencing illnesses in your organs, you’ll notice that your skin becomes dull and pale. 

Be Gentle 

Always be gentle with your skin and never rub it too much as it may cause dryness, redness, and itchiness. And being rough on your skin can also cause rashes. Also, try to take warm or cold showers as hot showers or baths may dry out your skin, especially if you don’t moisturize after. 

Eat Healthy

As mentioned, if you’re taking care of your body, specifically your insides or just your overall health in general, it will result in healthy skin. As the saying goes, “a healthy body will have healthy skin and a healthy life.” So make sure that you eat healthy and try to limit your junk intake as eating junk food constantly will create damage to your health and in return will also create skin problems that may cause long-term effects.

Avoid Chronic Stress 

Stress can cause many skin problems. Uncontrolled stress may cause your skin to become much more sensitive and would eventually trigger acne breakouts on your face and body. To be able to encourage healthy skin and to avoid any long-term damage, you must maintain a healthy mental state of being.


Skin damage can either be resolved by going to dermatologists. However, there are some things that even dermatologists can’t fix. So taking care of your skin from the get-go should prevent or at last limit any long-term skin damage. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.