The best vitamins and minerals can be the difference between powering through the day, and lying in bed with a cold. Colds can be frustrating but they’re avoidable with the right vitamins and minerals. But do you know which of these vitamins is one of the best when it comes to raising immunity? Welcome to our vitamin and mineral spotlight series, where we go over the vitamins and minerals that your body needs!

Today we’re going to be looking at Vitamin C, a great immunity boosting vitamin that can keep colds, and the flu at bay!

What is Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a fantastic vitamin that you can take advantage of to lower your chances of getting sick from a number of diseases. 

One of the Best Immunity Boosting Vitamins

As we’ve said earlier, vitamin C is one of the best immunity boosting vitamins. This is because of how common vitamin C is in various immune system functions. And unlike vitamin E, it directly impacts your immune system.

Vitamin C helps with the creation of white blood cells. White blood cells are your body’s primary line of defense when dealing with foreign invaders like viruses, bacteria and parasites. Vitamin C also strengthens the white blood cells already present in your system. So you have stronger, and more numerous immune system defenders that can keep diseases out.

It Can Help Prevent Oxidative Stress that Can Cause Various Disorders

Various disorders can be caused by what is called oxidative stress. Simply put, oxidative stress happens when your body can’t cleanse out the toxins being created from your own oxygen production. Oxidative stress can be a big problem because it can cause a number of disorders like hypertension, and various heart diseases. Luckily, vitamin C can help prevent oxidative stress from happening if taken in frequently.

Vitamin C Helps Your Wounds Heal Faster

Whenever you get injured, your body immediately has to send a response so that you don’t catch an infection. Vitamin C is one way to improve the response time of your immune system. In addition to helping prevent infections from cuts and bruises, it also helps with healing your cuts and bruises. 

Vitamin C can help with wound healing by improving your ability to produce a protein called collagen. Collagen is one of the most common proteins in your body, and is used in a number of functions. One of these functions is the healing of wounds.

Great Sources of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a fantastic way to improve immunity, and luckily is also very easy to get out of your food. Some great sources of Vitamin C include citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes. Chili peppers are also loaded with an amazing amount of vitamin C that can outmatch an orange’s. Peppers have double to quadruple the amount of it when compared to an orange, which makes them excellent additions to your meals to both add spice and help your immune system.

A great meal that we can recommend for great vitamin C content would be a spicy chicken stir fry. The spice and lemon brings out the flavors of a chicken while giving you a great option for your daily dose of vitamin C!

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