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Weight Gain: Is it Bad or Good?

Have you noticed that you may be gaining weight due to certain circumstances? Well, weight gain can be both good and bad, it just depends on the situation and why you’re gaining weight. We’ll be talking if your weight gain is good or bad for your health.

What is Weight Gain?

Weight gain can occur as a result of an increase in bodily fluid, muscle mass, or fat mass. Medicines, fluid and salt buildup, intravenous fluid infusion, renal or heart failure can all cause an increase in bodily fluid. Exercising often results in an increase in muscular mass, which in return, can cause an increase in weight. A rise in body fat is frequently observed as a result of a poor diet or a lack of activity, as the body converts muscle to fat.

There are two types of weight gain. There is healthy weight gain that is good for the body, especially if you’re underweight and there is also the unhealthy kind that is bad for your body as it may result in obesity and many other health complications.

Healthy Weight Gain

Healthy increases in weight is good for the body because it can be the result of exercising, eating healthy food, and staying in shape. Gaining weight does not mean that it’s bad, depending on your circumstance.

If you’re gaining weight but it is because you’re gaining more muscle mass, then it is okay. There are also people who are underweight, so gaining weight for them is considered healthy.

Ways to Gain Healthy Weight


Exercise can increase your body and muscle mass, in return, increases your weight.

Eating Healthy Food to Build Your Muscle

If you’re exercising, then eating healthy food is also a must because you would need the energy to be able to exercise. The food you eat will get burned off when you exercise, so eating food that is high in protein is highly recommended.

Unhealthy Weight Gain

If there is healthy weight gain, there is also an unhealthy increase in weight. Unhealthy weight gain is when you gain weight increasingly fast but you are not able to burn it off due to lack of exercise or are unable to do regular physical activities. This can quickly turn into obesity which can lead to numerous health hazards such as heart cancer and diabetes.

How You’re Gaining Unhealthy Weight

Not exercising

You’re not exercising nor doing any physical activities that can keep your body in shape. Even if you don’t have time to exercise, you must at least give yourself time to walk around or even bike around just so that you can burn off excess fat that has been stored up in your body.

Eating unhealthy food constantly

In addition to not exercising, eating unhealthy is also a way to gain unhealthy weight. Eating junk foods and sweets that are high in unsaturated fat, sugar, and many more without exercising will make you gain weight in a bad way. They are stored up in your body and would cause your metabolism to slow down. A slowed-down metabolism will cause your body to have a harder time to break down food.

What Should You Do?

Now, because we know that there is healthy and unhealthy weight gain, then we should be aware of what we eat and should incorporate exercise into our lifestyle. Additionally, eating junk food and sweets are not really off the table, as long as you eat in moderation and exercise after. 


Knowing that there are two types of weight gain is great because now, you’re able to distinguish if your weight gain can be the cause of healthy or unhealthy things. With that in our knowledge, you should take advantage of it.